The Who Behind The Koo

May 02, 2017

The Who Behind The Koo

How many times have you searched "skin doctor near me" to only be met with impersonal statistics and generic recommendations? How many skin care doctors have your researched before realizing none of them quite fit your needs? Are you looking for a board-certified dermatologist that will listen to you? Who can give you a personalized treatment plan and offer only the best quality skin products? If so, the specialist in skin care, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michele Koo, M.D., is the person you are looking for.

I demand the best instruments and nurses in my operating room. Likewise, I insist upon the newest technology and most effective products for my patients’ skin. My products go above and beyond other skin care doctors. I combine cutting-edge science, my years in the lab, my upbringing in Asian organic medicines, and experience in my 23 clinical years as a plastic surgeon. This unique blend is what makes my truly transformative line of Dr. Koo Skin Care products.

Dr. Koo, the Skin Doctor Near Me

This started decades ago with my own mother telling me to stay out of the sun and take care of my skin. Did I listen? Of course not. Then my own children went through the painful adolescent acne stage. It was then, I realized, that I with science based products, can lessen blemishes as well as resulting scarring, I could help change lives.

I felt frustration and anger at myself that I couldn’t achieve better results for improving my patients’ skin. I wanted to duplicate what I could achieve with a scalpel. It was out of this frustration, my years as a skin doctor were channeled into the best line of skin products science can provide.

I studied biology at Stanford University and researched collagen at Washington University School of Medicine where I received my MD. I have been a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for 23 years and have seen products come and go. These products that claim to be the next big thing from the best skin care Dr. Celebrity. They never seem to stand the test of time or produce results. I finally decided it was time to compound medical skin products myself. I assembled a team of skin care doctors and specialists that could shared my passion for creating luxury MEDICALLY derived skincare products.

What Makes My Skin Products Different

My philosophy is that of revolution for topical skin care not evolution! It isn’t simply the actual ingredients that we have that is the purest and most effective but the delivery system, the buffering, the microsomes, the nanoparticles, and chemical formulations that are unique and unsurpassed. I have the IP for the microsome delivery system of the bio-particles to enter the nucleus of the cells to increase collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acids and glucosaminoglycans. This increases the thickness and firmness of the skin tightening pores and diminishing wrinkles. I listen to my patients needs. When they say they want firmer, brighter skin from a skin doctor near me, that is what I provide.

No Surgery? No Problem!

Why make skin products? Some of the best results can be achieved with preventive and maintenance skin care. Plastic surgeons believe in visible change. I personally do not think you need to have surgery to achieve these results. Change can be achieved with my unique products without a "skin doctor near me". With the appropriate synergistic skincare products, the skin can regenerate and improve. With prevention the skin can appear youthful despite the chronological age. From decades of feedback from my patients as I personally mixed the individual products, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Just as we eat first with our eyes, everyone has an instant impression of you based on your appearance. The skin is the first thing anyone notices. In this world, first impressions ARE everything and beautiful skin is the most effective and enduring first impression.

Skin is also THE largest organ. It absorbs UV radiation, environmental toxins and heavy metals. Any exposure of the skin to these pollutants will age and continue to damage the skin. This damage can keep going even when exposure ceases. The best OVERALL holistic health maintenance is through skincare and protection. Your best path to protection is found in our quality products.

The Transformative Results

My patients see the transformation before their very eyes. Clients have smoother, less ruddy skin and fewer blemishes & wrinkles with my products. While my patients feel better about themselves, their self image and confidence improves. This becomes a wonderful positive feedback. In addition, one feels better about oneself, that translates to taking better care of oneself in other ways. It inspires you to have healthier eating and living habits. Ultimately, it leads patients to become more effective and happier in everything they do.

I try never to miss an opportunity to source the best and newest additives & create improved formulations for my patients. I try never to miss an opportunity to improve my knowledge or to improve my own skills. My transformative skin products evolve through constant feedback from my patients. My products are in a constant learning cycle and continuously re-booting as data is obtained. The line will only keep getting better as my patients

I have created premium luxury products everyone wants, but more importantly they contain the science all skin types require!

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