The Who Behind The Koo

May 02, 2017

The Who Behind The Koo

The Who Behind The KOO 

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Michele Koo, M.D. has created her own line of medical quality skin care to transform your skin. She graduated from Stanford University with a biology major, spent years in labs studying collagen at Washington University Medical School where she received her M.D.

She has blended her science knowledge, geek years in the laboratory, her upbringing of Asian organic medicines, and 23 clinical years of skin care as a plastic surgeon to create the truly transformative Dr Koo Premiere Skin Care Line. The products contain the medicine to truly TRANSFORM your skin. Her patent pending formulas & nano technology deliver those high quality concentrations of medical therapeutics to effect change.

Most importantly, she respects her patients and consumers by only sourcing the highest quality ingredients, adding the greatest percentage of medical therapeutics creating their optimal ratios in her unique patent pending medical formulas to TRANSFORM the skin at the cellular level.

She works daily with her chemists and engineers to improve and develop new products as new technology is discovered.

Koo Skin Care is manufactured in St Louis under Dr Koo's watchful high standards to insure the highest quality control. She is nimble when it comes to improving the products. She is willing to “re-boot” any of her products to incorporate the latest technology. She has also created jobs in a blighted area of St Louis and uses a fulfillment center that hires handicapped and rehabbed adults.

You are not ONLY buying a skin product, you are buying TRANSFORMATION & PREVENTION in Dr Koo's easy to use skin systems.




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My skin products are small batch craft skin products that have not been sititng on shelves for a year! They are small batch runs with dense concentrations and ratios of medical therapeutics formulated in buffered microsomes that will drive the actives into the appropriate skin layer and the skin cells themselves to effect the necessary changes to reduce pore size, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

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