What Makes Dr. Koo’s Skin Products Different?

What Makes Dr. Koo’s Skin Products Different?

You have purchased every kind of skin care from drugstores to high end retail to online sites because of Oprah. The skin products look beautifully packaged and promise to take 10 years off your skin and completely remove your wrinkles and brown spots.

WRONG! First of all, those products are massed produced. The retail products have tremendous overhead to support and you are paying for that and NOT quality medical therapeutic actives!! The direct online products do not have strict quality control, or medicine and science behind the products.

I have been researching and working with skin for 30 years since my geek biology and chemistry days at Stanford University. Recently, I have also taken over the manufacturing of my own skin products, Dr. Koo Skin Care. I can now completely control the quality and concentrations of medical additives to truly change your skin at a cellular level!

I shared your frustration with ineffective costly skin care products that over promised and under achieved. I was extremely frustrated that I could not achieve genuine change for the skin as I could surgically as a plastic surgeon.

With my Dr. Koo Skin Care Products, I now can achieve that change!

My skin products are small batch craft skin products that have not been sitting on shelves for a year! They are small batch runs with dense concentrations and ratios of medical therapeutics formulated in buffered microsomes that will drive the actives into the appropriate skin layer and the skin cells themselves to effect the necessary changes.

You will instantly feel the difference but SEE the changes over the course of 3-6 weeks for pore size, wrinkle & pigment reduction. In 3-6 months your skin will experience increased firmness, thickness, luster, and sheen. If you stay on your customized skin care routine for a minimum of 3 months, you will be a lifer! 

Of course, it takes time to undo the sun and age damage, and of course you have to continue using the products but you WILL see true chemical changes that will translate to healthier more youthful appearing skin with continued use!!!