Rejuvenate Retinol Wrinkle and Pore Reduction


REJUVENATE -- Retinol Cream: Rejuvenated skin is a result of retinoids which are a compound in the Vitamin A family, so using retinol cream can aid in rejuvenating the skin. If used alone or in prescription tretinoin formulations, most skin types become irritated and damaged. Rather, Dr. Koo's integrated Skin Entourage products ensure maximum results. This is especially relevant when appropriately matched and integrated products are used with the tretinoin/retinol rather than alone.

The concentrations and purity of Dr. Koo’s REJUVENATE Retinol Cream are what distinguishes its effectiveness. Since the blended, pH balanced retinoic acids are in an active form there is an increase in the plumpness of the skin. In addition, the delivery system that will effectively increase collagen production will increase the glycosaminoglycan content and elastin of your skin.

Her REJUVENATE products consist of 4 different strengths of retinol that accommodates ALL skin types. Skin types ranging from the most sensitive skin to the most damaged and dry skin of all pigmentations. In addition, as you graduate from the beginner gentle strength pads to the strongest concentrations, almost always you will see and feel the transformation by the retinol cream products which is especially relevant for healthy skin.

Dr. Koo recommends starting with the REJUVENATE GENTLE and advance to the appropriate level of REJUVENATE designed for your age and damaged skin needs to maximize the results and minimize any possible irritation. Dr. Koo has designed 4 levels of REJUVENATE to address the mildest to most severely damaged skin.

  1. REJUVENATE GENTLE -- Designed for the sensitive skin that has never been able to tolerate any retinol due to irritation. This is the life-saver for the redhead or fair skinned individual that desperately needs damage prevention, wrinkle reduction, and skin revitalization. This is Dr. Koo’s recommended starting point for any REJUVENATE product. This is excellent for younger skin to prevent damage before it occurs. The level of skin damage may range from minimal to severe.
  2.  REJUVENATE MODERATE – Designed for the next level of intervention for skin with moderate wrinkles and moderate skin damage
  3. REJUVENATE ADVANCED – Designed for the more advanced level of intervention for skin with deeper wrinkles, advanced sun and age damage.
  4.  REJUVENATE ULTRA – Designed for skin with a significant level of skin damage with deep wrinkles and severe sun and age damage.

It is never too late to take control of your skin health! The entire Entourage of Dr. Koo Skin Care products works together to enhance and optimize your outcome. The package reveals more nourished skin, fewer wrinkles, tighter pores and more even skin coloration. The key is using the products consistently and together. This is especially relevant because it enhances each individual product because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Dr. Koo’s Skin Care Entourage is your answer to restoring and maintaining healthy beautiful skin. The REJUVENATE Entourage consists of the appropriate customized cleanser, pigment control, retinol cream, vitamin complex serum, and moisturizer.

If you still have any questions regarding any of these products or skin care systems, please call the office, 314-984-8331 or schedule a complimentary private consultation with Dr. Koo for your individualized skin care system to address your skin concerns and desires!