Your 20s

Adventurous and young with a life teeming with possibility, you are more than likely indulging in habits that aren’t so great for your skin: forgetting your sunscreen, eating unhealthy food, and favoring Netflix over sleep. Remember that your skin at this age is like a grape – plump and well-hydrated. Neglecting your skin, however, can accelerate aging and make your skin look like a shriveled raisin much sooner. Respect your future skin through prevention and protection.

Skin damage in this decade is usually quite subtle, but it is still occurring and lines and creases are beginning to form. People in their 20s will also regularly experience blackheads, large pores, and breakouts, all of which are due to an internal stress reaction to environmental and systemic mistreatment of the body. You don’t need a lot of products to preserve your future – just the right ones. All you need in your arsenal is the proper level of hydration, antioxidants, and sunscreen with 30-35 SPF to help preserve your beautiful skin. That’s it – a simple, straightforward regimen to keep your skin protected and gorgeous.

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