Meet Dr. Koo

Hello, beautiful

I’m Dr. Michele Koo, MD, FACS. If you haven’t met me before, then you’d better get used to my “Kooisms” - famous sayings around the office where I perform plastic surgery and take care of clients’ skin. Why is a surgeon selling skin care products? I’ve always had a passion for making skin look ridiculously, and even insanely, youthful. It’s all about helping YOU look better.

The most important thing to me is changing your skin for the better using only what you need. Let the proof be in the way your skin looks and feels.

Think of it like this – if a Michelin-star chef and you share the exact same kitchen, utensils, and ingredients, who is going to make the better dish? Just like how a trained chef knows how to craft an incredible dish with precision and care, I know how to create laser scalpel- precise formulas with the right ratios and quantities to get results without the fluff and irritation.

My five essential categories of medical quality products

All of these are boiled down to essential active ingredients without the BS, making them pure and effective. The secret is in our proprietary delivery of the medical ingredients to the right level at the right time in the right doses.

There is a product for everyone and every skin type. Trust me when I say that my 72-year-old customers have been mistaken for Greek goddesses, my daughter’s boyfriend’s face is smoother than two babies’ behinds, and millennials are using this while preparing to stay relevant.

01. cleanser

to decongest pores and rebalance your skin

02. Essential hydration

to protect your skin from damage with the appropriate moisture and ceramide layer

03. pigment refiner

to provide your skin with brightness and shine

04. retinol

to improve texture, pores, and wrinkles

05. antioxidant vitamin-serum

to provide nutrition, repair your skin, and ward off the pollution and environmental stressors

So what are YOU waiting for?

Allow me to guide you in using the right product, at the right time, in the right dose.

Gorgeous, improved skin heading toward flawless skin in six months, guaranteed.