Our Philosophy


As a board-certified plastic surgeon with a thriving, ongoing private practice of 27 years, Dr. Michele Koo truly understands skin and its response to stress, the environment, and wounding. She became obsessed with the process of healing and repairing the skin, both from the inside and out. This passion led to the research and development of her innovative skin products, which are now the ethos of her life’s work.

Customizable + uncomplicated skin regimes

Dr. KOO products are suitable for all people regardless of gender, age, or skin type - and the core of her products is antipollution and antitoxins, which lead to counter-aging. Her skin care line is originated for those who crave a customizable yet uncomplicated skin regime that will provide hydration, gorgeous, silky texture, even pigmentation, and an undeniable glow. You’ll instantly feel the difference.

eco-friendly products + packaging

With sustainability in mind, her packaging is recyclable. The KOO team is constantly minimizing Dr. Koo Skin Health Method’s footprint with glass and vacuum packs. All Dr Koo Skin Care products are made in the United States!

Responsibly sourced ingredients

Every Dr. KOO Skin Care product is a result of Dr. Koo and her scientific team meticulously and responsibly sourcing every ingredient within her product line. Their singular formulations provide the methodology for her exclusive ingredients to achieve their precise purpose, at the precise time, in precise doses. They are free of fragrance, gluten, dyes, toxins, and are pregnancy-safe. By using her exceptional creations and following Dr. Michele Koo’s skin health method, customized to your changing needs, you will achieve skin wellness and, ultimately, stunning results.

Your skin, our priority

Dr. KOO and her entire team are dedicated to YOU, the customer, and are available as your online concierge consultants to achieve your skin radiance. Never underestimate the power of having a plastic surgeon and her team on a link!

Why settle for ORDINARY when you can have EXCEPTIONAL?