What Makes Us Different


Dr. Koo has been researching and working with skin for 30 years since her biology and chemistry days at Stanford University and collagen research days at Washington University Medical School in St Louis. Today, she is dedicated to the development, sourcing, and manufacturing of her own skin care products.

She’s a surgeon, she’s a mother, she’s a wife, she’s a skin care trailblazer, she’s bold, she’s innovative, and she’s here to shake up the skin care industry with the truth.

Are you tired of the empty promises cosmetic companies have sold you over the years that have proven completely ineffective?

So is Dr. Koo.

The secret?

Our science-based research and the proprietary delivery of medical-quality ingredients – at the right level, at the right time, in the right doses.

Active ingredients, optimal effect

Dr. Koo believes in small-batch, craft skin products that are alive, just like your skin. Her team iterates and can nimbly change processes based on new technology, environmental stressors, and your needs. Her trademark-pending, encapsulated creations will transport active ingredients into the appropriate skin layer to optimally effect the necessary changes.

Real results

You will instantly feel the difference. After two weeks, you will see the difference through sheen and luster and, in six weeks, through pore size reduction and texture. In three to six months, your skin will experience increased smoothness and firmness with continued, increased sheen. Consistent, daily use with sun protection over 12 months will reveal less pigment, wrinkles, and texture concerns.

Be empowered. Be confident. Be fierce. Be Koo.

Dr. Koo truly wants you to love the skin you’re in and to be the best iteration of yourself.