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Boost Luxurious Moisturizer


BOOST: Boost is a luxurious moisturizer. Every skin type, even oily acne prone skin needs moisture. Dr Koo’s BOOST contains nutrients that create healthier firmer skin. The key is finding the appropriate moisturizer for your skin. Dr Koo’s BOOST has five levels of nutrients designed specifically for

  1. Dry Skin: BOOST ULTRA:  -- for the individual with dry skin that prefers a serum.
  2. Very Dry Skin: BOOST INTENSE  – for the individual with very dry skin that prefers a cream.  This INTENSE BOOST can be used together with ULTRA BOOST for the very dry skin that never seems adequately hydrated. Ideal for high altitudes and cold weather.
  3. Oily, acne prone skin: BOOST MILD -- for skin that is oily or acne prone but can still feel dry. Calms oily skin, providing just enough moisture to "fool" the skin to produce less oil.
  4. Combination/Normal skin:  BOOST SILKY – for the individual with normal skin or skin that is normal but oily in the T zone (forehead and nose).

If you still have any questions regarding any of these products or skin care systems, please call the office, 314-984-8331 or schedule a complementary private consultation with Dr Koo for your individualized skin care system to address your skin concerns and desires! 


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