CLEANSE:  These gentle cleansers are all specially formulated to purify and refine pores, exfoliate unwanted cell layers to remove impurities, and prepare the skin to better absorb all the bio-active therapeutics in Dr Koo’s entire line of skin products. Dr Koo has customized 4 different cleansers to optimize the clarifying needs of every type of skin.

  1. Creamy – for the very dry skin that still needs cleansing and preparation for the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients in GLOSS, REJUVENATE, & GLOW
  2. Polishing – for the dry to normal skin that needs more attention to gentle exfoliation and pore purification
  3. Exfoliating -- for the combination (oily in T-zone forehead and nose) and oily skin that needs more pore purification and refinement, and oil control
  4. Clarifying -- for the skin that is prone to hormonal or frequent acne outbreaks that requires more bacterial and oil control

If you still have any questions regarding any of these products or skin care systems, please call the office, 314-984-8331 or schedule a complementary private consultation with Dr Koo for your individualized skin care system to address your skin concerns and desires! 

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