CLEANSE:  These gentle facial cleansers are all specially formulated to purify and refine pores, exfoliate unwanted cell layers to remove impurities, and prepare the skin to better absorb all the bio-active therapeutics in Dr. Koo’s entire line of skin products.  We have the BEST face wash for sensitive skin!  In fact, Dr. Koo has customized 4 different facial cleansers to optimize the clarifying needs of every type of skin.

  1. Creamy – face wash for the very dry skin that still needs cleansing and preparation for the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients in GLOSS, REJUVENATE, & GLOW
  2. Polishing – face wash for the dry to normal skin that needs more attention to gentle exfoliation and pore purification
  3. Exfoliating -- face wash for the combination (oily in T-zone forehead and nose) and oily skin that needs more pore purification and refinement, and oil control
  4. Clarifying -- face wash for the skin that is prone to hormonal or frequent acne outbreaks that requires more bacterial and oil control

Every day our facial skin is exposed to UV and environmental pollution toxins. When we are in our teens and 20’s, our skin cells are extremely efficient and are not overwhelmed by the free radicals formed from oxidative changes from the environment.

With age and continued exposure, our skin cannot handle the high metabolic demand causing fine and course wrinkles, rough texture, laxity, dryness, and pigment unevenness.

The repair and maintenance process begins with a clean fresh face to most effectively receive the quality medical actives in our product catalog.  This is why it is SO important you use a medical quality face wash/facial cleanser in your skincare routine!

Skin types vary greatly and so do their needs for cleansing. Oily skin requires a different approach than dry skin and combination oily and dry skin may even require 2 different cleansers depending on your local weather changes.

Did you know, you only need to cleanse your face at night to preserve your skin’s own natural oils? Treating the skin gently also suppresses its natural tendency for over production of oil when stripped of its own natural barrier.

Using a face wash twice a day is only needed if you sweat after exercising or you have particularly acne prone skin. The more acne or oil prone your skin, the more gentle of a cleanser you need!

During the morning, warm water is all you need to wipe off the residual products from the prior evening and to prepare the skin for daytime GLOW Pigment Control, GLOSS Vitamin Serum, and Anti-oxidant Sunscreen,then makeup of your choice.

A clean skin palette at night with the appropriate cleanser allows Dr. Koo’s GLOSS Vitamin Serum and REJUVENATE Retinol blends to fully be absorbed and become incorporated in the effective active form to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Dr. Koo wants you to take care of your skin and see true results. She wants you to only use the products you need and gives you high quality medical products that can truly transform your skin…as long as you consistently use them!

Dr. Koo’s Skin Care system can be customized for your skin type AND your weather changes! If you still have any questions regarding our CLEANSE face wash or any of our skin care systems, please call the office, 314-984-8331 or schedule a complementary private consultation with Dr. Koo for your individualized skin care system to address your skin concerns and desires!