Can Exercise Firm My Skin and Make it Glisten?

Can Exercise Firm My Skin and Make it Glisten?

Can Exercise Make My Skin Glisten?

Can Exercise Firm My Skin and Make it Glisten?? You’re thinking, what are you talking about, what could exercise possibly do for my skin except get it sweaty and clog my pores??

WRONG! Exercise Can Improve Your Skin

Exercise can actually clean out your pores and stimulate your skin metabolism for greater energy production, increase cell turnover, and improve mitochondrial health translating to greater radiance, glow and firmness!

How Does Exercise Improve Your Skin

Our skin responds to whatever is going on in the rest of our body. Exercise generates endorphins, revs up our ATP cell metabolism and sets off an entire cascade of endocrine functions that improve our glucose metabolism, sleep cycle, and mood-stabilizing functions. Daily exercise decreases our inflammatory state by improving our glucose levels. And anything we do that decreases our inflammatory

Expels Toxins From Your Skin

The rise in core temperature and sweating is a wonderful way to expel our body toxins for our skin. The egress of toxins will improve your skin, allowing it to regenerate and repair more effectively. However, proper cleansing after exercise is key! If your skin tends to be oily and congested continue to use a clarifying cleanser. If you tend to have normal skin with dry patches, it may be better to use a gentle scrubbing cleanser after exercising. If you have normal skin with oily patches, Dr Koo recommends using the exfoliating cleanser

Increases Blood Flow

Exercise also increases the blood flow to your skin allowing better collagen production and skin repair. More blood flow allows better absorption of all those expensive skin products you have curated. Better absorption of actives such as Retinol or tetrahexyldecylascorbate for pigment discoloration lets those actives get to the layer of skin where all the action takes place, again improving the overall texture, firmness and undertone of your skin.

Improves Sleep & Rest

Exercise can also improve your sleep cycle allowing your body and skin to rest, regenerate and repair. The healthier your skin becomes as you give it its needed rest, the more efficient it is utilizing the clean wonderful ingredients you use in your Dr Koo Private Practice Skincare routine!

Boosts Self Confidence

Exercising gives you a sense of achievement and self confidence as you sculpt your way to Self – Empowerment and health. It is NOT about perfection. It is about loving yourself, taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself. Tip the first domino and see the health benefits roll in!!!

Happy Skinning!!


Dr Koo