Happy to take the guesswork out of finding your right regimen.



What makes Dr. Koo Private Practice Skincare products unique?

In my over 26 years of practice, I’ve seen countless products promising to be “the next best thing.”  Needless to say, I’ve found most of them extremely disappointing and some unsafe. That’s why I decided to formulate my own skincare regimen using compounded medical quality ingredients. I use only the purest, most effective actives as well as unique and unsurpassed delivery systems - buffering, microsomes, microparticles – that deliver real results without irritation and redness. Pregnancy safe retinols, kojic acid, and other actives for private practice results without a prescription. 

More importantly, the concentration of actives are curated and sequenced to actually achieve improvement. They are designed with differentiating actives and concentration levels to fit every type of skin, in other words, 100% skinkind!


Where do I start? How do I know which level to begin with? 

If you are new to my Private Practice regimens, I recommend you begin with my Detox Program.  It’s created specifically for the skin care novice or finicky, sensitive skin. And it’s ideal for those who simply don’t know what to use. Or to re-balance your skin for those who have been exposed to too many harsh, impure products. It includes Level 1 pH-Optimal Retinol, Level 1 Pigment Refiner, Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Serum. When you're ready for more improvement, progress to Level 2 pH-Optimal Retinol and Level 2 Pigment Refiner. Add the correct Anti-Oxidant Cleanse and Essential Hydration for your skin's needs for the optimal complete regimen.


Can you recommend products for my concern?

For me it is – as it has always been - about creating healthy skin and the real beauty will follow. But please remember, your skin is alive and can change based on a number of factors such as age, the seasons, climate, the environment, hormone fluctuation, diets, travel or even allergies. That is why I offer different ingredient and concentration levels to suit your needs and achieve your goals. Your skin may require different products and level of attention from time to time. Take my skin quiz to receive my recommendations for you or email us info@drkooskincare.com. 

A safe start will always be with my initial Detox Program of Level 1 pH-Optimal Retinol, Level 1 Pigment Refiner, and Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Serum. Everyone also needs an Essential Hydration and the appropriate Anti-Oxidant Cleanser to prep your skin to most effectively receive the Dr Koo Private Practice routine. The entire regimen synergistically creates results far beyond the sum of the individual products. 


What is Medical Quality Skincare?

Medical quality skincare adheres to a higher standard of purity and safety than traditional, off-the-shelf skincare. A chemist, biochemist, pharmacist or medical doctor will oversee the process of product creation, manufacturing and distribution to ensure efficacy and your safety.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are always followed. Cosmetic skin care is all about optics, fragrances, and fast fixes. Medical quality skin care is about appropriately effective active concentrations, no unnecessary fillers, and real results. 

The products are designed just like I would write a prescription for your concentration, dosing, and use instructions to achieve healthy and therefore beautiful skin. 


What do you mean by “Level Up”?

In my Private Practice skincare, I have designed step-wise concentrations and ingredient differentiation that are your stepladder to success. Different ingredients and doses are required at different stages of your skin based on age, genetics, and environmental exposure. The right products in the right concentrations at the right time in the right sequence is my prescription for your skin health success. 

Each dose builds on one another to enhance and advance your results as skin transforms and can tolerate greater activity. From intro gentle to strongest and most advanced; sensitive to most damaged. You never build up immunity. Or reach a plateau. As your skin progresses and you see the improvement you desire, stay at that level. If you need greater improvement, level up! Prevent tolerance, save the higher levels for when you need them.

Just like your doctor writes a prescription with a dosage, concentration, and use directions. I want you to only use what you need at the time you need it for your diagnosis, just like a good doctor should!


What is “SkinKind” skincare?

Every person starts from her or his own baseline. I customize your program and provide step-wise concentrations and ingredient differentiation for a stepladder to success.  This is the essence of my “Skin Kind” approach – which means you get the right products in the right concentration at the right time in the right sequence.  So you never have to worry about irritation, an adverse reaction or tachyphylaxis. My products are gender neutral and formulated for all skin types and colors, so everyone can feel confident about using them effectively and safely!

What is tachyphylaxis?

Tachyphylaxis is a medical term that describes the acute, sudden decrease in response to a drug after its administration. As skin reaches “tolerance” you need more and more of a certain medications or actives to achieve the same results. It is often related to the use of skincare actives such as Retinol. That’s why I recommend that you start at a low level and only advance as needed to prevent “tolerance.” 

What’s the difference between skincare developed by a dermatologist vs. a plastic surgeon?

Plastic Surgeons are surgeons. We cut, move tissue, handle tissue and believe we can accomplish anything. We are trained to analyze a problem and figure out a solution using our medical training. We look at everything through Aesthetic techniques. We accomplish significant results through our interventions. 

Dermatologists work primarily on the skin surface and make diagnoses of cancers, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, acne and aging. They rely on medicines, creams and topicals as their primary answers as well as use of Botox and fillers.  

My plastic surgery promise is that these products will achieve plastic surgery noticeable results with consistent use. My hope is my products will delay your need or certainly decrease your frequency of Botox, fillers and laser use. 


How long will it take for me to see results?

When you use my Private Practice Skincare, you will instantly feel the difference in your skin. After two weeks, you’ll see a difference in your skin’s sheen and luster.  After six weeks, pore size reduction and texture will be dramatically improved. And in three to six months, your skin will experience increased smoothness and firmness. Consistent, daily use – along with diligent sun protection - will reveal less pigment, wrinkles, and texture concerns. 

That said, just as good nutrition, sleep, and exercise are important for overall health, the entire method of my Private Practice products is necessary for improvement and maintenance of healthy skin. Nothing happens overnight, sustained consistent care creates change.


Where is Dr. Koo Private Practice Skincare manufactured?

All of my products are formulated by myself and a curated team of chemists and scientists. I have shared my products with my plastic surgery patients for decades and they have gained tremendous success with maintaining healthy radiant skin. They have encouraged me to bring these products to YOU. All my products are manufactured in the United States. 


When will my product ship?

You will receive my products within 3-5 business days. 


When will my payment be collected?

Your credit card will be authorized upon placement of your order. Payment will be collected when your order ships.


Are your products tested on animals/cruelty free?

None of my products (nor our ingredients) are ever tested on animals. We thoroughly test our products on ourselves before putting them through rigorous clinical testing as well.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Dr. Koo Private Practice Skincare accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.


Can I cancel and order before it ships?

Yes, please email us at info@drkooskincare.com or give us a call at (314)984-8331 to cancel your order. Only orders which have not shipped may be cancelled.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, to select EU countries. Please contact info@drkooskincare.com with specific inquiries.


What are your shipping rates?

Standard shipping is free on all purchases! If you require overnight shipping, please contact info@drkooskincare.com and you will be charged overnight charges to your area.


How do I get a consultation with Dr. Koo?

Please visit my main web site at www.Drmichelekoo.com to book a consultation. You’ll find a “contact us” area to assist with this. Email info@drkooskincare.com for guidance and solutions for your skin goals and concerns. 


What if I’m not satisfied with my results?

We don’t expect this will be the case.  Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We do accept all returns. Of course, we’d love to understand your skin needs better. Please contact us at info@drkooskincare.com for personalized advice. Most of the time, a minor change-up in the products is all you need to suit your skin better. We are always available to help you adjust your regimen to your skin health and needs. 

Please send all products back to us after a minimum of 120 days of use and we will be happy to refund your money. We would also love to talk to you and find the right products that will meet your satisfaction. Our address is 333 S Kirkwood Rd, Suite 203, St Louis, MO 63122. info@drkooskincare.com for more support.