Defy Wrinkles - Dr Koo Private Practice
Defy Wrinkles - Dr Koo Private Practice
Defy Wrinkles - Dr Koo Private Practice
Defy Wrinkles - Dr Koo Private Practice

Defy Wrinkles

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Retinol Level:Minimal Lines

Meet Dr. Koo’s anti-wrinkle workout. Like a nutritionist and personal trainer for your skin, pH Optimum Retinol whips it into smooth shape by building skin-firming collagen, while Vitamin Serum delivers five, antioxidant-packed vitamins that enhance your Retinol benefits. It’s the ultimate workout to defy wrinkles.


• Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Serum
• pH-Optimum Retinol

How To Use

At night, after cleansing, apply pH Optimum Retinol followed by Vitamin Serum. Use Vitamin Serum in the morning, too, for antioxidant protection and as a primer for makeup.

Which Retinol Level Is Right For You?

Minimal (Level 1) 
For Retinol Novices or Sensitive Skin 
Mild (Level 2) 
For mild to moderate wrinkles, uneven texture, and fine pores
Moderate (Level 3) 
For moderate to advanced wrinkles, irregular texture, and noticeable pores
Significant (Level 4) 
For deep wrinkles, rough texture, and significant pores

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edna E.

So far, not getting the results I had hoped for. I am concerned about my dark spots and discoloration. My skin does feel soft and pores are smaller.

Jamie W.

Defy Wrinkles

Alex B. (Palo Alto, US)
Amazing products - highly recommend!

I just turned 30 reached out to Dr. Koo, worried about early fine lines/wrinkles and the firmness of my skin deteriorating. I started on both products, and my skin has never felt or looked better - coloring, firmness, hydration have all improved.

Both products go on feeling like a whipped, silky, hydrating serum -- I don't like the feeling of wearing product, so I was initially worried about this -- but they quickly absorb into the skin. Now I look forward to the 2 minutes of silkiness on my skin each day :D

Ann S. (Murphysboro, US)

The products are really good. I'll be ordering more.

MARY S. (De Soto, US)
Skin care

Wonderful products. My skin is soft, and glowing. Love the products. 5 stars.