Breakouts don't have to be traumatic or recurrent. You just need a trifecta of the appropriate cleanser, hydrator and the secret weapon—the right concentration of retinol.

Doctor's Note

Retinol Fights Acne

Retinol is not just for wrinkles. It can be a powerful tool against blemishes and breakouts thanks to its ability to unclog pores, allowing your acne treatments to work more effectively.

If you are a retinol novice, start with Level 1 and depending on the severity of your breakouts, work your way up.

Quick Tip

In the Clear

My Hyaluronic Hydration Myst is formulated with an antimicrobial combination of zinc, copper and magnesium, all of which help to keep skin free of acne-causing bacteria. There’s also malachite, an anti-inflammatory mineral to calm redness associated with breakouts. Consider it your secret weapon for preventing pimples.