Pregnancy Skin Rescue

$450 $530

Before, During and After Pregnancy, you need the utmost pure and safe products to control your texture, hormonal pigmentation and breakouts! This is the trifecta of pregnancy safe retinol and melasma control.

What's Included

Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Serum
Level 2 - pH Optimum Retinol Activate - 2000 IUS
Level 3 - Pigment Refiner Repairing

How to Use

AM: Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Serum & Level 3 - Pigment Refiner Repairing
PM: Anti-Oxidant Vitamin Serum & Level 2 - pH Optimum Retinol Activate - 2000 IUS

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Customer Reviews

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Lynn H.
Dramatic results

I have so far used level 1 and level 2 of the PH Optimum Retinol and have been amazed by the results. This is after using other retinol products in the past and having almost immediate bad skin reactions. Not so with these products. The redness in my skin disappeared within a couple of weeks. It works beautifully with Anti-Toxin Cleanse, Anti-oxidant vitamin serum and hydration serum. I say in all honesty, my skin has never looked better.