I grew up in Palo Alto with my mom, dad and three older brothers. I graduated from Stanford University, then Washington University Medical School. Today, I live in St. Louis with my husband, Richard Lehman, an orthopedic surgeon, and my three children. My patients come from all over the country—New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London and San Paolo.

As a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, I’ve spent over 27 years in practice, countless hours in the operating room, and lifted thousands of faces not just physically – but emotionally. 

I am always humbled by the body’s amazing ability to heal after surgery. I sought products that would support the procedures my patients had just undergone. Needless to say, I was frustrated by the souped-up serums and doctored up creams that all-too often delivered disappointing results.

Everyone starts from their own baseline, which is why I customize my approach and provide step-wise concentrations and ingredient variations for a stepladder to success. This is the essence of my approach—the right products, in the right concentration, at the right time in life and in the right sequence.

I’m not going to tout some miracle cure, or recommend some off-the-shelf, one-and-done approach. I’m not here to change the way you look. I am here to help truly heal your skin and enhance the beauty that you already have. Skin health first, then beauty will follow. 

Dr Michele Koo