Gorgeous, luminous skin is truly a reward in itself, but we still want to treat you and show you our appreciation anytime you purchase our products! You can accumulate points for your purchases, after you reach 1,500 points, we will reward you with a coupon for $100 off our fabulous products!

How to Redeem Your Points

To turn your hard-earned points into a reward, simply log into your account and open the rewards panel to see how many points you currently have. From there, follow these handy steps:

1.) Click on “All Rewards.”

  • If you don’t have enough points to redeem your reward, you should see a progress bar on the right telling you how many more points you’ll need to receive a reward.
  • If you do have enough points, you should see a button that says “Redeem.”

2.) Click “Redeem” if you have enough points. Enter your coupon code and hit “Apply code.” This will automatically apply your coupon code to the checkout!

It’s truly as easy as that. Your points will then reset to 0 as soon as you use your $100 coupon. Achieving glowing, youthful looking skin has never been this easy!