Why Hyaluronic Acid is Essential to Skin Care

There’s a chance that you never thought a chemistry lesson would have a significant impact on your life. Well, guess what? Your body is experiencing multiple chemical reactions every day – including your face. If you haven’t heard of hyaluronic acid before, you’ll be interested to learn that it is essential to skin care. Why and how is this possible? Continue reading to find out.

Naturally Produced by the Body

Created naturally inside our bodies, hyaluronic acid provides the skin with moisture and cushions our joints. As a non-sulphated glycosaminoglycan (a long chain of carbohydrate molecules), this particular molecule assists with skin and tissue repair. As the body ages, their production slows down and the skin becomes more prone to damage.

Effective at Absorbing Water

Hyaluronic acid hydrates our skin. As a molecule, it works to absorb water so that it can directly provide moisture to dry areas. This amount of absorption can be up to 1,000 times its own weight.

Anti-Thinning and Desorption Components

Enough of these molecules supporting the skin will ensure that it remains plump and thick. People say to “have thick skin” for a reason. Maintaining a higher viscosity leads to increased protection and lessens environmental damage, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, and thinning of the skin. Essentially, these visible signs of aging occur due to a lack of skin hydration.

Preventative Measures Against Toxins

The mere presence of hyaluronic acid improves our overall health by minimizing toxins from entering our bodies. Air pollution, cigarettes, stress, and product buildup are just a handful of threats we encounter on a daily basis. Well-hydrated skin is the shield your face especially needs. 

Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate

In order to maximize the benefits of hyaluronic acid, scientists created sodium hyaluronate. This salty version of the naturally produced molecule is used in products like serums or mists that can be applied directly to the skin. When your body can no longer keep your skin firm and wrinkle-free, sodium hyaluronate is highly recommended.

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