Why Do We Need “Pigment Refiners” and “Retinol”?

Why Do We Need “Pigment Refiners” and “Retinol”?

Why do we need retinol, niacinamide, azaleic acid, phytic acid for brighter, plump smooth skin?

I have Age Spots, Pregnancy Spots, or Acne Scars.

Have you ever wondered why your skin looks so great after sweating, a jog, or an outdoor hike? With exercise, you have increased blood flow to your skin. This increases nutrients and removes toxins and cell waste products. This also improves cell anti-oxidant functions which translates to plump, firm, smooth skin.

As your skin ages (unfortunately that means after the age of 25), the number of blood vessels start to diminish. The skin becomes less vibrant, more sallow rather than a  radiant petal undertone. 

Your pigment cells, the melanocytes, start to creep upwards from the deep layers (basement membrane) to near the surface of the skin. This causes brown and tan spots (arggh, age spots), and blotchiness throughout your skin. They also release more melanin. 

How do we stop or at least slow this unwanted sallowness and thinning of our skin? 

The answer is Retinol, Pigment Refiners, and topical Vitamins (F, C, D, E, K). You need all three product types for optimal skincare! Your face has an unsurpassed network of capillaries (blood vessels) and is the ideal recipient of pure skin indulgence. 

To restore and retain our plump reticular dermis and capillary network, we must also live a balanced lifestyle with adequate nutrition, hydration, and sleep. Stress and tobacco consumption are two factors which age our skin quickly and significantly.

The KEY is to be informed. Look at the first 10-12 ingredients. If it only contains 12 ingredients, including water, alcohol, and fillers WITHOUT the following ingredients of kojic acid, niacinamide, hexylresorcinol, green coffee extract…DROP that container immediately and keep looking! Make sure it contains retinol, phytic acid, and azaleic acid and one of the above ingredients if you’re looking to retain a dewy fresh undertone and smooth supple skin:


pH-Optimum Retinol


  •  Retinol.
    It is misleading to place the percent 
    Retinol on the packaging. That percentage reflects the concentration within that SIZE product but it may NOT be the manufacturer’s recommended strength or bioavailability of the retinol to support wrinkle reduction claims. The more accurate description is IUs (international units) to indicate the true strength, efficacy and bioavailability in the particular product (see my Retinoids). (Prescription strength Retinol is different; the percent must be included. See my Glossary). 
  •  Sodium Hyaluronate
  •  Ceramide NP
  •  Phytosterols
  •  Squalene
  •  Marula Oil
  •  Olive Fruit Oil
  •  Avocado Oil
  •  Coconut Oil 


  •  Niacinamide
  •  Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (stable Vit C)
  •  Cholecalciferol (D)
  •  Tocopherol (E)
  •  Marula Oil (E & F)
  •  Phytonadione (K)
  •  Ceramide NP


  •  Niacinamide
  •  Arbutin
  •  Kojic Acid
  •  Hexylresorcinol
  •  Tetrapeptide 30
  •  Phytosterols

I truly hope this helps your journey to lavish your skin while also protecting it from environmental agressors!