Medical Quality Skin Care vs. Cosmetics

Medical Quality Skin Care vs. Cosmetics

In order to be a flawless, ageless beauty, don’t allow just anyone to tell you what they think is good for your skin.

In order to be a flawless, ageless beauty, don’t allow just anyone to tell you what they think is good for your skin. Instead, rely on medical professionals, like Michele Koo, MD, FACS for a proper skin care recommendation. There really is a difference when it comes to medical quality skin care and cosmetics. Dr. Koo Skin Care is here to elaborate:

Medical Quality Skin Care

Medical quality skin care contains purely sourced ingredients from quality medical suppliers. The ingredients have scientific and clinical data to back their claims of results, and will accomplish the expected results with consistent use. Typically, the products are not sold as cosmetics in mainstream stores. They may be purchased in medical spas or offices. The products do truly improve the quality of the skin.


According to the FDA, cosmetics include skin moisturizers, eye and facial makeup preparations, and other “personal care products” found worldwide. Products and ingredients that fall under this category do not require FDA approval before they go on the market. This means that the ingredients can be the highest or lowest quality available. It all depends on how much the manufacturer wants to spend and earn in profit.

Starting a Routine

In using medical quality skin care for the first time, it may take a little bit of adjusting. There is a set A.M. and P.M. routine and a recommended order of use. Just like the instructions on medications, there are specific guidelines to follow. If a significant change occurs, you might need product support to make sure you are still using the right one.

Concentrations of Ingredients

Medical quality skin care is only for those who don’t want to waste their money on feel-good scents, optics, and B.S! Did you know that there are appropriate high and low concentrations of certain ingredients to optimize the expected results? The concentrations are thoughtfully and scientifically created within scientific manufacturer guidelines to achieve desired and safe results.

Purity and Safety

We think of medical products as adhering to a higher standard of purity and safety. A chemist, biochemist, pharmacist, or medical doctor oversees the process of creation, manufacturing, and distribution of the medical quality products to ensure your safety of use. Don’t overlook the safety factor!

One often thinks of “organic” skin products as “pure” and safe, but are they really? Is there medical supervision and quality control over the ingredients, sourcing, and extraction processes of the ingredients? When it comes to topical products, there is very little oversight. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) governs what can be stated in label claims but very little quality control occurs for over-the-counter, topical products.

The Dr. Koo Skin Health Method Promise

The skin care industry often promises youth and instant miracle fixes. We promise straight talk and honesty. It’s time for you to know everything that doctors and scientists know. And, in this information-overloaded beauty world, we cut through the noise with simplicity and experience, so you can skip right to what works. 

The truth is, your skin is alive and its needs change over time. We will show you how to stop treating your skin and start knowing it. Supporting your skin today with the right actives, at the right time, in the right way is the key to creating your most radiant skin at every age.

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