Why Do I Need to Wash My Face Every Night?

In my practice, I am asked everyday WHY do I need to wash my face every night? WHAT exactly am I doing for my skin by washing it with a cleanser? Isn’t any soap and water, shampoo just as good as a “special” cleanser?

YES, you must wash your face every night! Here’s why:

  1. Your skin has accumulated pollution, dirt, heavy metals from the environment. These toxins damage and age your skin. As a result, your skin cell metabolism is less efficient in eliminating damaging waste and creating fresh collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans (all necessary for firm, bright, healthy skin).
  2. Your pores become congested with its own natural oil debris. You need to remove the “wrong” thick sebum while leaving the healthy inherent layer of ceramide and natural oil layer your skin craves. This requires choosing the correct cleanser for your skin needs.
  3. Clean skin can rest and BREATHE!! Our skin cells like our entire body needs proper nutrition and rest to replenish and restore healthy function which translates to bright, radiant, smooth, firm skin!

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I can’t wait for you to love your skin!!