Glow Pigment Reduction


GLOW -- Pigment Reduction:  Glow is designed to reduce uneven pigmentation, sunspots, and ruddiness.

Dr Koo suggests starting with the most GENTLE GLOW product and advance to the appropriate level designed for your pigmentation level to maximize the results and minimize any possible irritation. Dr Koo has designed 3 levels of strength for your specific level of uneven color needs:

  1. GLOW Gentle/Fair -- for the fair to olive skin toned individual with mild uneven pigmentation, sunspots, and ruddiness
  2. GLOW Advanced/Medium – for the medium to brown skin toned individual with moderate to advanced uneven pigmentation, sunspots, and ruddiness
  3. GLOW Ultra/Dark – for the medium to dark skin toned individual with significant uneven pigmentation, sunspots, and ruddiness

My previously clear skin now has brown spots and is uneven in color. Are there any relevant tips for glowing skin, or is it too late to start skin care for pigment control?  We hear this question all too often.

It is true too much sun when we are in our twenties can lead to uneven brown spots and a muddy-appearing complexion. However, it is never too late to start daily consistent sunscreen and a pigment control cream or concentrated pigment spot control. Here are some tips for glowing skin, straight from Dr. Koo.

Pigment cells are normally at the deepest layer of the skin. However, as our skin thins from aging and sun damage, pigment cells become more apparent through the thin skin. These pigment cells can also form abnormally at more superficial layers.

Dr. Koo’s GLOW pigment control cream and the concentrated PIGMENT SPOT serum suppress the production of pigment cells and pigmentation, keeping your glowing and clear skin well past your twenties. The GLOW and the concentrated PIGMENT SPOT ingredients are designed to work synergistically with the REJUVENATE retinol creams to increase the collagen and elastin fibers to plump and repair the skin. Then, as the skin repairs and thickens, your clear skin tone returns as the pigmentation lessens.

The GLOW pigment control cream is designed in increasing concentrations and levels of activity to suit your particular pigmentation concerns because Dr. Koo believes in only using the level you need to control and improve the skin tone. So if your needs change, Dr. Koo’s products will change with you. Dr. Koo's personalized tips for glowing skin and skin care will help you return to the clear skin of your past.

  1. Use Dr. Koo’s anti-oxidant sunscreen daily rain or shine.
  2. Daily use of GLOW products to minimize the number of unwanted pigment cells and restore clear skin.
  3. Increase the strength of the GLOW product according to Dr. Koo’s skin team advice until your uneven pigment concerns are improving, then maintain that level of use.
  4. Enhance the uneven pigment control effects of GLOW with Dr. Koo’s REJUVENATE product to maximize the results.
  5. Use the fully-recommended Dr. Koo regimen for synergistic improvement in skin pigment, pore and wrinkle control.

Dr. Koo will teach you her tips for glowing skin and how to care for your concerns because your skin reflects no single moment or state of beauty or isolated condition. In fact, your beauty reflects much more than just the image you see in the mirror.

If you still have any questions regarding any of these products or skin care systems, please call the office, 314-984-8331 or schedule a complementary private consultation with Dr Koo for your individualized skin care system to address your skin concerns and desires!